Model HS-4850 HS-4875 HS-48100 HS-48200 Battery Capacity [Ah] 50Ah 100Ah 150Ah 200Ah Nominal Battery Energy [Kwh] 2.4 3.6 4.8 9.6 Peak Output Current [Amp] 50 75 100 200 Net Weight [Kg] 22 31 40 75 Di

Battery Capacity [Ah]50Ah100Ah150Ah200Ah
Nominal Battery Energy

Peak Output Current [Amp]5075100200
Net Weight [Kg]22314075
Dimension [L*W*H, mm]482*410*100482*410*150482*420*177.5482*592.5*236.4
Discharging temperature:-20 ~ 60[℃ ]
Life Cycles>6000
Nominal Voltage [V]48V or 51.2V
CommunicationCAN/RS485/DRY CONTACT
Certificate & Safety


TUV / CE / EN62619 / IEC62040 / UN38.3/FCC/MSDS
Warranty8 Years
AlarmsBattery Operation/Out of Battery/System fault/Temperature alarm
ApplicationApplied in off-grid and hybrid systems, Compact Design, Modular Expansion
Monitoring & ProtectionWith BMS protection in each Module, and breaker embedded in the system


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