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The foundation of the inverter wholesaler development is technological innovation. We, as an inverter manufacturer, have two R&D teams (located in Shenzhen and Nanjing, respectively). Thus, we as solar panel manufacturer, collaborate on research with Tsinghua and Hohai universities. More than 60 product patents have been obtained by us as inverter suppliers. It may regularly release more competitive items to suit the market demand for electrical products’ dependability, intelligence, and environmental protection.

We, as solar inverters supplier, also assure the advancement and innovation of products. Therefore, we are a dominant force in the market, specializing in the design and manufacture of superior inverters that can handle a variety of applications. We, as an inverter wholesaler, have established ourselves as a leading inverter producer. Thus, setting standards for innovation and performance, with decades of experience and cutting-edge technology.

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Our dedication as inverter suppliers to excellence is something we take great pleasure in. However, modern equipment and quality control procedures are available at our state-of-the-art production facilities. Thus, to guarantee that every inverter we produce satisfies the highest criteria of dependability and effectiveness. We, as solar inverters supplier, have a group of talented engineers and technicians who work diligently to provide cutting-edge solutions that cater to the changing market needs.

Top Quality Inverter Wholesaler

Our commitment as an inverter wholesaler is to sustainability as it is one of the main benefits of selecting us as your inverter manufacturer. However, we as inverter suppliers, place a high priority on eco-friendly practices throughout our manufacturing procedures, from ensuring ethical material procurement to raising product energy efficiency. Therefore, our inverters are the best option for green energy projects since they are not only trustworthy but also considerate of the environment.

Solar Inverter Suppliers

We, as solar inverters supplier, have a wide selection of solutions to match your unique demands. Whether you need inverters for commercial endeavors, industrial uses, or residential solar installations. Grid-tied inverters, off-grid inverters, and hybrid inverters are all part of our product line, and each is engineered for optimal performance and dependability. We, as an inverter manufacturer, provide customization choices so that you can have our products made specifically for your needs.


  • What is an inverter, and what does it do?

    An inverter is a device that converts DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power, allowing you to use your electronics and appliances during power outages or off-grid situations.

  • How do I install an inverter?

    Inverter installation should be done by a qualified electrician. It involves connecting the inverter to your electrical panel and ensuring proper grounding and safety measures.

  • Can I run sensitive electronics like computers on an inverter?

    Yes, you can run sensitive electronics with a high-quality inverter that provides clean and stable power. Look for inverters with features like pure sine wave output for the best results.

  • Do I need a battery with my inverter?

    Yes, most inverters require a battery to store the DC power that will be converted into AC power during an outage or when off-grid. The battery capacity affects the backup duration.

  • Can I connect solar panels to my inverter?

    Many inverters are compatible with solar panels and can be used to harness solar energy. Look for inverters with built-in solar charge controllers for this purpose.